Eyeshadow for Brown Eyes

If you have brown eyes, you are lucky as they are very versatile to work with, apart from the fact that they look pretty!

Brown eyes have a wide variety of shades ranging from light brown to hazel and dark brown colors. There is a variety of makeup colors that can help accentuate your eyes starting from deep reds to yellow, orange, purple and even blue, depending on the actual brown shade of the eyes. To lighten and brighten dark brown eyes, you can use shimmering colors.

There are some basic rules of eye make up that you can refer to when in a dilemma about your color choices. The lighter colors accentuate, bring out and highlight eyes while dark shades of makeup help recede or minimize the contour and size. So, you can outline the eyes in dark eyeliner and fill in the eyelids with light eye shadow to highlight your deep hazel eyes.

You can easily work out the makeup with pale pinks or highlight it with deep rust, chocolate browns and add some shimmer with gold. If you want to really highlight your brown eyes, use an eye shadow which is a shade lighter that you eye color for a natural look or a shade darker than your eye color for a sexy, sultry look. Brown eyes stand out in black liners and plum, purple, navy, blue shades work well for some people. If you want to put more emphasis on your eyes, use darker shades of lip colors so that your eyes look lighter than they really are.
For a subtle look, you can highlight the eyes with light pink, champagne and peach eye shadows with brown eyeliner. To add more emphasis, curl your lashes and apply brown mascara as a finishing touch.

If you are wary of experimenting, you can go for shades of blue or purple during the day and deep blues, indigo during the evenings. Brown eyes look very nice with purple eye liner filled in with pink eye shadow or maybe dark brown eyeliner filled in with raisin colored eye shadow.
Some experts suggest that for a natural look, use soft shades of pink to bring out the brown of your eyes and keep eye liners to the minimum; while during the day use a brown mascara and for evening outs, try the soft black. Thick black mascara will lend a rich look to brown eyes and make them look warm and sultry. But instead of black mascara, you can even experiment with chocolate, deep plum or even dark brown mascara.

To maximize the effect on your eyes, keep the rest of the makeup to a bare minimum. You can have neutral cheek color and lip colors accordingly.

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