Makeup for Green Eyes

Recreate this look using mineral makeup

If you are looking for the best ways to do makeup on green eyes and look good, there are innumerable ways to apply makeup but the main obstacle that arises is which colors to use? What will complement your complexion and also enhance your eyes?

From chartreuse to turquoise and deep green, browns to light green there is a vast range of colors that complement green eyes. You can also try wearing chocolate tones, with highlights of copper and gold also look good. Apricot, deep chocolate, shades of plum and green work too. You can add highlights of metallic shades to look chic for a great evening out.

If you are just interested in learning which colors to avoid on green eyes, most beauty experts suggest that you stay away from shades of dark blue, silver and purples as they look better on blue eyes. Some people with green eyes can carry shades of pink while others can look out of focus with pink. So, it is completely on you, if you want to try and experiment with pinks.

Similarly, avoid using black eyeliners instead go with dark grey, dark green or even dark browns to accentuate your green eyes. If you have small eyes, outline the eyes with white or gold to make them bigger and give it a larger than normal look. You can also give a V shape top the eyelid with dark shade of plum for a bigger look. Basically, green eyes look good in warm colors, so avoid cool shades. Exceptions are always there but usually these tips work well on green eyes.
For basic daily wear or casual going out look, highlight the entire eyelid with crystalline or gold and later add shades of light plum or apricot and blend it in well with the crystalline or gold. You can use a third color of dark green, browns, metallic like copper by applying it from the middle of the eyelid to the edge of the crease by blending it properly. Otherwise, you can apply it from the inner side of the eyelid to the outer corner of the eyelid. Just blend it well for best results.

You can add the dark brown mascara and eyeliner as it is usually done adhering to the color scheme. Shades of green help make your green eyes stand out while for evening outs, plum shades and brown give a dramatic smoky effect to your eyes. It is best to keep the rest of the makeup neutral or minimal with natural blush and lip colors that look well with your complexion.

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