Bright Makeup Looks

Bright makeup is the newest fad on this year’s runway. In fashion, movie galas and your typical hometown sidewalk, everyone is focusing on bright hues for the eyes. If you go for the bright make up on your eyes, keep your base and lips neutral and vice versa.

The spectrum of eye shadows has reached a crescendo of variations. With these multi colored shades, sticking to neutral tones on lips and bases will draw the wanted attention directly on the eyes. The saying is that the eyes are the windows to the soul, so why not give them a little spirit to spice them up. When choosing a neutral shade for your lips the recommendation is a nude lip gloss. This will keep your mouth looking natural while giving it a little bit of shine that will add a subtle fullness. Using nude shades of base will achieve that girl next door, au natural look while your bright shadowed eyes hint at that little bit of mischief within.

The term bright in regards to makeup does not necessarily mean multi colored. In fact, when dealing with your eyes it can mean dark chartreuse to purple, turquoise, green, and blue. Adding thick eyeliner to your eyes can take you from being the innocent angel to the smoky siren. There are numerous other gel liners ranging from purples, blues, greens, even pinks and reds are now available that can help you try out new colors to highlight your bright eye shadows. Adding gold glitter or maybe just a touch of turquoise glitter may give you that classy look. You need nothing other than your eyeliner and eye shadow to achieve this look giving you a dramatic but simple style. Try out orange and reds with bronze or maybe the purple, blue and gold with a thick black liner can make your evening a special one!

If you cannot decide between using a yellow eye shadow or the orange one, start with yellow and blend it with orange towards the end of your eyes. Add a slight twang of it on the lower eyelid to get the real effect. Top it with thick black mascara and you are all set for the party. Mixing blues with greens and purples, bronze with reds and oranges and even pinks with shades of blue can create dramatic effects for your eyes.

Bright eyes with minimal makeup not only suit any skin color but also help you look suave, sophisticated with a hint of mystery and style. Keep to nude tones for the rest of your makeup when using the eyeliner technique as well.

Try it out if you haven’t already. We have videos and photos to help you out. Bright makeup is an easy technique, one that really is left to your devices. Just remember to keep in mind that if one feature is brightened the others should be neutral. If you have bright eyes and bright lips you are going to come off as gaudy instead of classy. Eye shadow applied right will mimic a look of confidence that you may or may not have. When applying makeup the best route is to keep it within your comfort boundaries but experiments can give you a jazzy new look that you be looking for!
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