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This information was submitted by one of our customers. You can check out her before and after photos at the link below.

Mineral Eyeshadows

I recently purchased some of your products and amazed by the quality. I am a newbie at makeup and you were the first online site that I purchased makeup from and I am very pleased by your products and service. I only heard about you through youtube reviews and looks and although I used to be skeptic of online purchases without getting a chance to try the product I decided to give it a shot (and I'm glad I did). Being a girl of colour I need high pigmented eyeshadows and your colours are great for that! And although the colours are very vibrant, blending them is incredibly easy! Oh and great range of colours, I can't wait to try more.

Mineral Foundation

I also have really bad skin that is prone to breakout and my friend told me to try mineral makeup because it's good for your skin. I am pleased with the Warm Honey foundation.With the foundation it has decent coverage and blends nicely into my skin and is not cakey at all. It also feels very light and natural. Same with the Buff Apricot blush, lightly applied it adds a nice rosy cheek. I was hesitant at first being a little darker but when blended properly it looked nice.
Free products with next purchase?!
The reason I am submitting face photos are because my friend insisted I do so because after hearing my feedback from your foundation she wants to try it as well. She's got more of a golden undertone so Caramel would be her pick. And in my subsequent email I am sending pictures of my eye makeup because I absolutely love your eye shadows and for my next purchase a free eyeshadow would be amazing! I've seen tutorials using the 24 K gold and would love to add that to my collection.

You can check out her before and after photos using mineral makeup at -

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