News and a big sale on discontinued items.

When we first opened our doors in 2006 we, like many other small cosmetics companies, offered basic stock mineral makeup in easier to manage jars. In the last 3 years we have grown and expanded our line with colors created by the team at BFTE.

You, our wonderful loyal customers, have loved the primary pigments that helped to establish our company, but we are going to be discontinuing many of those favorites. To help you “stock up" on these discontinued "primaries" we will be offering them at a discounted price of 3.00.

Since we have had many requests to continue offering primary pigments as part of our complete cosmetic line, we will continue to offer a select few of them. We will categorize them as "Primaries" and make it clear that these are pure pigment colors that are available at other companies also. This will take place in a few weeks when our new website is live. This change will make it easy for you to find the many unique colors we have created.

As always we appreciate your feedback concerning BFTE, our products, and our service. If you have any questions of comments please contact us at


The items we are discontinuing are now for sale at -

Edited on October 26th to add-

We have already started to make this change before the new website launches!
You will now find a catagory for Primary Pigments-


Phyrra said...

I applaud you for this change!

~Lisa said...

Aww, too bad they're being discontinued. But thanks for the chance/sale for us to stock up! ^^