We want your thoughts on our New Site!

We are in the process of building a new website with a new host. We would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions.

What color scheme would you like to see for the website?

What would links or etc like to see added to the site?

What changes would you like to see made to our Get The Look page?

What other products would you like to see us carry?

Other ideas or suggestions are welcome!

Leave us some comments/feedback/suggestions and you will be entered to win 3 multis. There will be 5 winners!

We will pick winners the morning of October 8th!

The more feedback we get the better the new site will be.



Anonymous said...

I would like to see more brushes from the site ^.^ and possibly a few more skin care items?

tousledkitten said...

For the Get the Look section I'd like to see the looks sorted into categories, either by type of look or by the names of the girls who are wearing them. E.g. "smoky eyes", "natural eyes", "disco eyes" or whatever. Easier to find something you're looking for. Hope that helps. x

Myriam Cyr said...

I love the website :)

But maybe go with an automn colour scheme. It could be nice :) (since it is automn of coarse)

Links.. hmm You've got some good ones.. Maybe instead of all different things go like "eyes" "face" "Lips" "Skin" "cheeks" etc. :) and then once you click you have the choice to pick from things that match your search (if you get what i mean)

For a change o nthe get the look page. you should put picture of the products :).. and possibly put a written tutorial so people can print it out and have it with them at all times (even without internet)

What products i think you should carry are, maybe some mascara's or eyeliners, maybe some lip gloss :). Ou! a makeup pallet would be nice! you have GREAT colours.

Other idea's .. hmmm p.s i love your before and after page :) it adds alot.. and i think it would be great again to put pictures of the products(for the visual people) a written tutorial type of thing :).

Still loving the products :) come up with more hehe! :D dedicated costumer

BitterSweet Photography said...

Color Scheme - I do love the colors you have already but maybe a cooler toned scheme would be nice

Links - ummm not sure

Get The look page - I would put black borders around the images instead of red and maybe list the looks into different sections like natural,drama,bright and so forth.

Other Products - I know your prices are cheap but I would love to see sample jars sizes instead of the baggies and maybe lip products.

These of course are just suggestions I think your site is great already.

Caitlin said...

Q: What color scheme would you like to see for the website?

A: Well, I definitely like greens, so I'm going to have to go with greens! And besides, it's Beauty from the Earth. The Earth is green!

Q: What links or etc would you like to see added to the site?

A: Links maybe to your twitter and blog and maybe some links to those who have reviewed your products!

Q: What changes would you like to see made to our Get The Look page?

A: Perhaps put a full image of the look rather than just the eye.

Q: What other products would you like to see us carry?

A: I'd like to see more eyeshadow brushes!!

Kirin Bir said...

My two cents:
Avoid avoid having too many colors. I would says stick with a few colors like purples and blues. Something that screams "loud, pigmented makeup". But add the pastel versions too so it doesn't look too harsh.

On "get the look" page, it would be nice to write down the colors used. Sometimes we want to quickly add stuff while purchasing and we don't want to watch the whole video over again to find the names of the shadows used.

Definitely add a wish list. I usually store my makeup wish list on my phone's memo pad, but it's a hassle. I love to browse a website and add items that i can go back to later and just easily purchase from that list.

~Lisa said...

1. Green perhaps since your products are natural. Or pastel colours.

If the facebook, blogger, etc. apps can have the logo with it, it will look much nicer and less ignored.

Hmm, maybe the pictures to be the same size so it looks more oraganized.

Well, you've pretty much covered all sorts of beauty products available! Maybe sunscreens with the active ingredients of titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, or both in one! Ooh! Maybe those jars to place your brushes in! That'll be neat. Maybe similar to those Sephora inspired ones.

Perhaps narrow the page a bit. Cause it doesn't quite fit in my internet browser[I use Firefox] and the Product Search bar is slightly out of place.

Place the How to Apply, Videos, and etc. links at the top under your banner and maybe have the picture smaller and more rectangular.

Hope all that made sense. You don't have to take all the suggestions, it's just some of my thoughts. And I'm a follower.

Evading Evil said...

I would like to see palettes! MMMMMMmmm, blank or otherwise! For pressing my minerals, because I have SO many BFTE minerals that traveling can be difficult!

I think you should stick with a tasteful rainbow theme and color. It draws attention when their is color.

Other than that, I love the site. It's easy to navigate and straightforward. I like the checkout as well.
I love BFTE. <3

Anonymous said...

I think your background is to bright , the white sor of cuts the eyes out of you , how about a warm cream maybe ? cream seems to be easy on the eyes , and like someone else suggested here , go with a autum leaf , the leaf will do for all seasons realy , you could chance its colour for what ever season you are in , but all in all you have a good site , :)

weldonhilary@hotmail.com . I follow you on twitter as @weldo and on facebook as wel hil ,
good luck with the new site:)

makeupjunkie said...

def more brushes I'm a brush freak! Ummm Links by most requested look like "Natural Flair" or something like that. This way its ALOT easier to find the look ur looking for. If its possible I'd like to see some palettes

Snooglerat said...

I like a bright color scheme personally, but I think the background should be black or white. This will simply help the pictures of the minerals to stand out. I believe any other background color would compete with the minerals. Example: A blue background could wash out the blue hued shadows... A yellow back ground could make the yellow shadows seem dull...etc

I think it would be cool if, when you clicked on the mineral to get the description, a large picture and/or swatch of the mineral showed up. Maybe also a swatch of the mineral used wet and dry, or in the sun. Either way just a BIG picture after clicking on the the minerals description. Great pics will sell a product. The minerals are very photo-worthy as well. :)

Random thought I had early this evening... I think a slide-show on the main page showing pics from the "get the look" section would be cool. A user could click the picture that caught their attention and find out the names of the awesome minerals being worn in said picture.

I would love to have more brushes to order from. (The synthetic kabuki brush is still the best ever!!!) I haven't ordered a pressing kit yet but I definitely am getting one! I would like a really big palette to put them all in because I have lots of BFTE shadows to press. I would also like to be able to order mixing medium, for using the shadows wet. Using water works but I know the mixing medium is just for that purpose.

Please definitely add a link for your Twitter, Blogger, and YouTube account. Great customer info and giveaways to be found there.

Ok. One last suggestion... A user account. This account would store past order history etc. This way I could know exactly which shadows I already have and which ones I need to buy to finish my collection. I have a list somewhere with all my shadows written down, but an online history would be awesome as well.

Sorry for such a long comment, but maybe this will be some useful information. I would love BFTE, even if you didn't change a thing. :)

Sara M. said...

I'd like to see earthy colors... and more brushes. And I also think you should offer a customizable palette for a discount.

Tabitha Michelle said...

I love fall colors, so anything you could do with that, would be amazing!

Torrie Mckeague said...

As far as the site goes, just post more pictures of looks using BFTE products. Or a collage of pictures as a background because I love the colors you have in the line but I would like to see more advertisement and use of it. I would like to see more "sets" of products like one's that include a few brushes maybe.

jessicakusmirek said...

What color scheme would you like to see for the website?

-I think earthy greens, golds, browns, and reds would look awesome for the website.

What would links or etc like to see added to the site?
I think the links you have now are great. I can't think of anything to improve them...

What changes would you like to see made to our Get The Look page?
I think pictures with written directions or something of the like would be good if you just want to pick out one tip from a look or if you don't really have time to watch a video.

What other products would you like to see us carry?
more brushes, and sample jars would be awesome!

Another suggestion I have is maybe include a swatch of the shadow as well as a large picture of it when viewing them.

Jewels said...

That's kinda hard, because I really love the site now! :) But it would be nice to see a look for every color so people can see how beautiful each one looks on the eyes!

I also love holiday collections. You are doing a great job with that.

I love duochrome/tone colors so more of those would be awesome! I would LOVE to see a pink with gold shimmer. Those two colors look beautiful together. :)
Some more metallic colors would be great. I love shimmer and shine!

I'm always looking for a good glitter adhesive for the eyes. Not too many sites have them and you have some really pretty glitters.

Lipsticks and lipglosses would be nice :)

I buy alot of samples and it would be great if you had sample jars. The baggies are hard to work with when trying to get the product out.

Other than that, I love the site and have been very happy with the minerals I've tried! :) I just love them! Take care! :)

sandraisrockinit said...

I must agree...more brushes please. And as for the color scheme...maybe something a bit brighter yet sophisticated. Something unique not like all the other mineral companies that stick with a black background.

Tengwarsenna said...

What color scheme would you like to see for the website?
I personally would love to see more blues and greens and browns and oranges and less pink in the overall colour scheme of the site. (I just am not crazy about pink... Don't kill me!)

What changes would you like to see made to our Get The Look page?
Just organization, if we could browse by type of look, colours used and stuff like that I think that page could be AMAZING!

What other products would you like to see us carry?
I know it's been mentioned, but more brushes are always a good thing. I can't think of anything else now, but I'll send another message if I can think of it.

Other ideas or suggestions are welcome!
It would be great to see swatches of the gel liners. They look cool from what I can see of the colour, but how do they go on? How do they look on. And speaking of swatches, if there was a swatch of each of the multipurpose minerals on their actual page, that wouls be great! I'm new to makeup and it is so hard to judge what would look good on me.

Courtney said...

I would say more vibrant colors, I wouldn't go with a seasonal since you'd have to change it constantly. Your site should always look familiar. You wouldn't want someone to say hmm I don't remember this site. Your side links confuse me a bit, I rather be able to one stop shop. Like someone else said, Eyes, faces, lips, etc. I'm confused if you even do anything for the lips? A think a nice gloss or something added would be great as well. I also like the get the look link and that you have the final picture photo but for me I would like step by step photos as well as the video.. I notice you have bronzer but not an actual bronzer brush. Also for makeup like mineral veil I have no clue what that is.. Maybe once you click the link actually explain how-what the product does. :) Overall basically I think the site should reflect your product. Bright, colorful, and cheery. :)

Emily said...

I'd like to see you guys carry cream colored bases or different primers! Anything to help high pigmented colors stick and stay!

It would also be cool if you carried skin care items! Maybe moisturizers for different skin types or exfoliating scrubs.

Hope this helps!

Cassie said...

1. I like how you have bright colors that relate back to your vibrant shadows, but I think they way the links and whatnot are set up make the end-user's eye compete for attention. I think a darker-neutral background with one or two of the neon colors in your links/navigation would create visual interest, correspond to your colorful shadows, and still maintain readability. I also think your logo should reflect the brand name.

2. It would be cool to see your links for any FB, Myspace, Twitter, or Blogger accounts you have. It would maximze site exposure and provide various ways to update customers without them having to just remember on their own to visit your site to see what's new.

3. What if you broke down the looks into categories? Other than that, I love the thumbnails that preview the look. I think you should definitely maintain that preview/sneakpeek aspect of the page.

4. Your product list is already amazingly extensive! Honestly, I don't think you need to andd anything product-wise.

5. Your products and info are great! I think the only thing to focus on is a redesign/organization of the site. Content-wise, it's great!

Jenni said...

Dark & Grey is really in right now, & super classy. I'd also like to see more bath & body products =-)

Jessica said...

An option for full or sample sizes on the actual color pages would be nice. That way you can choose, add to your cart, and keep shopping more easily.

Jodi said...

I would love to see small sample jars instead of the plastic pouches. Even if they were small plastic snippets like the kind you might find artistic paint in in a set.
I like the site but if you are new it's a bit hard to navigate with the colors. For instance, I can't tell where the new colors are and what's a classic or not. I don't know perhaps I am not looking in the right place. I'd like to see all of the colors in the actual pot so I see the true color with the swatch beside it.
How about a kit that offers a warm and cool smaller palette (2 eye shadows/2 blushes)along with a lip gloss or two to compliment it as well as an eye/blush brush. A black or brown eye gel would be nice too. Just something to grab and go (including a pretty makeup bag) when you're running out the door on a trip or to work, whatever.
More ethnic girls shown on the before and after page would be great so we can see the colors on every range of skin tone (light to very dark brown) and no one gets/feels left out.
A wish list would be wonderful! Please add one if you can.
A website with not as much of a bright background but with more softer hues would be nice. Just my humble opinions because I am far from any kind of expert and overall you guys do a fantastic job!


KelseyM said...

What color scheme would you like to see for the website?

A: I think a pretty teal color, royal purple and black would be really cute. The colors go great together.

What would links or etc like to see added to the site?

A: I think more swatches should be added, you have some up, but not on all the colors. Whenever I shop, I like seeing the colors swatched, and even wet swatches are better.

What changes would you like to see made to our Get The Look page?

A: Maybe the pictures can have an arrow to what color they used? Some of the get the look pictures I can't tell which is which color.

What other products would you like to see us carry?

I would love to see a range of colors in lipgloss or balm. Cream eyeshadows would be cool too :)

kelseym1187 @gmail.com

MoonieB said...

I would love to see a neutral palatte for the girls at school or work! That would be great and not just beiges but like mutted blues and purples and all that jazz!

Thanks for hosting the contest!


ZUNN BUGG said...

My suggestions are:

What color scheme would you like to see for the website?

I would suggest Greens and Browns, they look great together and ties into the name Beauty from the Earth.

What would links or etc like to see added to the site?

The links I would like to see on website are links to the Gurus that do looks and maybe also links to maybe "minerals that can be used for bright looks, neutral looks, and smokey looks".

What changes would you like to see made to our Get The Look page?

I would like the looks organized under each Guru and also their name and links. Also you can categorize them under neutrals, smokey, bright.

What other products would you like to see us carry?

I would love to see lip glosses and maybe sample jars.

I think you have amazing products and they speak for themselves. Maybe just making the page more beginner friendly will bring more customers.

Have a blessed week!

Stuff Smart (formerly Targetmom) said...

I would love to see you add a sugar scrub to your skincare line.

FancySchmancyEyes/fancyschmancy7 on twitter said...

I think your page is great!

However, maybe the border at the top can change... theres too much eyes going on... maybe something simple so that it brings more attention the the other eye looks...

more brushes, and palettes would be nice...

other than that your site is great as it is!

MUAinTheMaking said...

What color scheme would you like to see for the website?

I actually like how colorful it is right now...though if you are going to change it, I would say earthy colors with lots of green. :-)

What would links or etc like to see added to the site?

More examples of people applying the products and creating unique looks with them - from unknowns to the top gurus.

What changes would you like to see made to our Get The Look page?

I'd like to see a search box where you can type in "rainbow," and any look that has that tag in it's description would come up, and then I could choose from those looks.

What other products would you like to see us carry?

Little travel containers so we can take small portions of products on the go to create specific looks when we are away from home. (Did I miss these?)

Thank you!

Bonnie said...

I know a few people have said this already, but I really think changing your site to match the seasons would be really cool.

I'd also change that when you click on a mineral color it pops up in a new window or as a "pop up". I have my settings to block those evil things. :P

Get the look page is pretty sweet the way it is. Those looks are so amazingly beautiful.

I love the fact that you're asking us for advice too... it's pretty neat.

oh and palettes would be AWESOME!!

tousledkitten said...

Another category suggestion for the Get The Look section. Splitting them into different types/ textures of look such as matte/ shimmer/ glitter etc. Sometimes you want to search for a specific texture/ type of look.

SweepSpot said...

I think it all looks great AND it downloaded so much faster than before. Great job guys.

Nicole said...

I would love to see more brushes! And possibly more skin care items. Also brush sleaner... I saw on Twitter you were adding that so that would be cool!

I would love to see more glitter colors too =)

As far as design goes, the home page is pretty simple and easy. I think an official logo wold be cool. Also I love the section where you can see looks done with your products.

Keep it rockin'!!!

Macbella2 said...

Here are my two cents :) For the look section, I'd love it if it would be categorized by type of looks (fall/summer/smokey/neutral/daytime vs evening look, etc.)

Also, maybe when selecting a shade we would get a "most often purchased with" list of other shades that pair up well with the said shade? (kinda like on amazon when we purchase something at the bottom it says Customers who have purchased this item also purchased these x, y, z etc. items).

As for shades. I love plums so maybe a quad of smokey eye shades including a matte rich plum would be very very nice to see :) Maybe a dupe for he oh so famous MUFE 92 shadow as well?

New product? A mixing medium would be lovely.And more brushes! As we all know that shipping adds up so to be able to buy from the same place always wins brownie points in my book!

Thanks for the giveaway!

carolynishis said...

color scheme Would be flowers.I love roses and i also love anything with sage green colors.Free samples would be a must to get more people tp join your site.Just some idea's.

Locust_Reign said...

What color scheme would you like to see for the website?

Im really drawn to brighter colors, they just always tend to grab my attention :)

What changes would you like to see made to our Get The Look page?

I would LOVE to see looks that are based on certain eye colors, such as which eyeshadows are most flattering for blue eyes, etc Also maybe a page dedicated to customers swatches of your products, i love seeing what they look like.

What other products would you like to see us carry?

lipglosses definitely, Im a huge fan of glitter also so maybe glitter liners.... MORE duochrome eyeshadows, I AM IN LOVE with whisper.

All in all I think your site is pretty awesome, I find it pretty easy to navigate where I want, and the products you carry already are quite wonderful :)