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We had a contest for people to use the names of our products to write a story. This was the winner-

By - Hunter Grace

Here is a FAIRY TALE for my PRISSY little PRINCESS. Come, LET’S GET KOZY on this SATURDAY NIGHT and YO MAMA will tell you a story…

Once upon a time, there was a BEAUTIFUL BOMBSHELL who moved far from the DESERT SANDs of ARIZONA to a quaint BEACH HOUSE on a BIG ISLAND surrounded by the BLUE PACIFIC.

One QUIET MORNING, ISIS GABLE- the beautiful girl- sat enjoying a breakfast of RASPBERRY crepes and CHAMPAGNE. It was pure BLISS watching the SEAFOAM and its GENTLE caress of the beach, the OCEAN MIST cooling her SUNKISSED skin. This CLASSY, LAVISH lifestyle was all she knew. She was a DADDY’S GIRL, and daddy had BIG MONEY. She was almost ROYALTY. Ever since she was a BABY GIRL, Isis traveled the world. AUTUMN in TUSCANY, SUNSHINE filled ROMPs in ROME, TROPICAL vacations in such places as BERMUDA and the CARIBBEAN. Although she was always the BELLE OF THE BALL, she wasn’t the least bit JADED, or ever a DIVA- she was a CLASS ACT. But, her personal UTOPIA was boring. GLITZ was okay, but she wanted adventure, she had a CRUSH on MAYHEM. She wanted to FLIRT with a DANGEROUS situation and like a FIRE DANCER, do it with GRACE.

Isis went about her day, chatting with the SHOPAHOLIC GIRL NEXT DOOR about the HEAT and the latest TINSLE TOWN gossip. When evening came, she walked home in the MOONLIGHT to enjoy a CHOCOLATE TRUFFLE and a WINNER of an APPLETINI. No INSOMNIA tonight, she climbed into bed- under her LAVENDER SATIN SHEETS and her PLUM CHENILLE comforter and fell asleep.

Isis was awakened by a BREEZE. This wasn’t the usual SERENE COOLMIST of her ocean-side home, and she quickly felt quite PARANOID. She rushed outside, but instead of her beautiful beach, Isis saw some pretty odd surroundings. A rocky landscape that seemed to be made out of COAL and STEEL jutted around her. In front of her little cottage, was a CANYON that seemed to go a LONG WAY DOWN. To her right, a RED RIVER flowed, glowing like WILDFIRE. On it’s banks, many SPRUCE and OAK colored SILVER and COPPER. To her left was a field ripe for HARVEST and beyond it a GRASSY hill with a single PEACOCK. Above her, a mixture of CLEAR SKIES and a ATOMIC TEAL NEBULA had her worried. What is this TWISTED WACKY place!? A WAVE of regret washed over her, like WARM HONEY. Was KARMA telling her she should have been happy for what she had- instead of wishing for adventure, was this all an ILLUSION? Isis figured if she was going to have an adventure, she needed to be dressed for it. She went inside one last time to change from her IVORY nighty into some NAVY DENIM jeans.

When Isis returned outside, she was startled to see a very large EMERALD green frog! Slightly frightened by this ENCOUNTER, she turned to go back inside- but her home had vanished! This place is nothing but pure CHAOS! I’m gonna need a MIRACLE to get out of here! Now what am I supposed to do, KISS THE FROG?
“No HONEY,” replied the frog-reading her thoughts- “No HANKY PANKY here, I am simply your guide.”
Isis was taken aback. It was one thing the nasty frog could talk, but to read her mind- it was simply MAD!

“Oh dear, nasty frog am I?” croaked the obviously BITTER frog. “What would you rather have then? Some cute little BLUE BIRD? Perhaps the ROCKSTAR from your favorite band, BLUE MONDAY?”

Isis stuttered, “I’m-I’m so sorry! I wasn’t trying to be a MENACE with a BIG EGO, I promise! I’m just scared is all. What is going on here?”

“Well, I can see you’re TROUBLED young lady, so I’ll forgive you. My name’s HITCHCOCK and I am here to help you on your adventure.” The frog replied, with much compassion.

Isis was confused still. “So, what is my adventure exactly? Some crazy, dark life-threatening journey- or a CHANCE to SEDUCE a handsome prince?”

“Your adventure is what you make it,” he replied curtly. Then he lead her to a thin path between her cottage and the daunting canyon.

Isis was still very confused, but followed the large amphibian along the small EARTHY pathway. After a distance, they came across a very peculiar tree. It was surrounded by ORCHIDs and BUTTERCUPs, and had an strange assortment of items on its branches. The OLIVE DRAB twigs bore, from what she could see, various DIAMONDS and GEMs. There were also GRAPEs, GREEN APPLEs, LEMONs and BLUEBERRIES. When she leaned against it’s mighty trunk to rest, Isis could feel it was made of SUEDE. What an odd tree! After only a few moments the frog spoke out, quite hastily-

“Okay, time to go, we must make it in time to catch the NIGHT TRAIN!”

“The Night Train?” she asked, “but surely it’s not past noon!”

“Night comes quickly here,” he said, “Trust me, you don’t want to be here when darkness comes!” Isis left with the frog, hoping to soon be on her way home.

As evening approached, MIDNIGHT BLUE creeping into the space of clear blue sky, the air around her became MISTY and as thick as the MISSISSIPPI MUD. Isis had DEJAVU as the feeling of dread returned. Would they make it to the train on time!? A great relief soon followed as the train came into view. Isis was so happy she could quite possibly MOONWALK! The PEWTER train, like the rest of this place, was a sight to see for sure. PETALs of PETUNIAs carpeted the walkways approaching it, and many curious creatures waited in line to board. Isis was pretty sure she even saw a MERMAID in a large tank being wheeled on. “Where exactly are we going?”

The frog replied, “I have to get you to the other side of the land, the QUEEN OF HEARTS wishes to speak with you.”
Isis wondered why the Queen could have come to her, if it was so important.

“Beacause that wouldn’t be an adventure, would it silly girl?” Crap- Isis forgot that the frog could read her thoughts. The frog let out an odd croaky-giggle. “Let’s go buy our tickets.”

They approached the bright MARIGOLD ticket counter, and the frog handed the PEACHY cat-like agent a GOLD NUGGET and a large round piece of PIRATE’S GOLD. “RUMOR has it, Hitchcock, that you’re working for the Queen now.” Mewed the strange being.

“Yes, just last week I was asked, TAWNY Cat. It has great benefits you know!” The frog quickly answered her, then turned to Isis. “We must hurry the train will leave soon.”

They took their seats on a deserted car with ORANGCICLE colored benches. Isis watched the scenery fly by & listened to her growling stomach. As if by cue, a cart entered the car. “Would you like some COCOA? A snack, JUICY fruit perhaps?” asked and ANGEL-like woman. “Our specials today are SUGAR PLUMs, TANGERINEs, and TRIPLE BERRY SHERBERT.”

“She can have whatever she wants, WYSTERIA, she is a guest of the Queen, put it on the royal traveling tab.” The frog said with authority.

Soon Isis’s was enjoying a delicious cup of cocoa with just a hint of MINT. An ESPRESSO scone completed her snack. With her belly satisfied, she dozed off. The lurch of the stopping train woke her quickly. Isis and her frog companion got off and set down a BLACK AND WHITE paved road to the CASTLE IN THE SKY. As they entered, Isis thought the castle was quite JAZZY. Like something out of the GOLDEN AGE of Hollywood. Like an old movie from 1939 she once watched with her father. The Queen wasn’t all she had imagined. Small, pale and almost youthful with her PINKY cheeks and TRANSPARENT hair. The frog swiftly hopped away, and when the queen saw Isis, her face looked LIVID. Oh no! what’s going on!? I thought the Queen was on my side! “So you thought you could take it from me?” Roared the Queen. “It was my PASSION, and you think you can have it!”

Isis said with a WHISPER, “Wha-what my Queen? What is it I have taken? I am NOT THAT INNOCENT, but I am not a NAUGHTY girl. I’m sure I have taken nothing from you!”

The Queen bellowed incoherent ramblings as she morphed into a mighty beast. Sparks flew all around Isis as she ran around dodging them. This queen was a TOTAL BITCH! Luckily behind a SHELL-colored column Isis found a WIZARD’S WAND. She picked it up and began to flick and point it at her AREA 51-ish attacker. She didn’t know what she was doing, but this HOCUS POCUS was working! Several shots seemed to hit & damage the Queen! Then, when Isis had found a little BEAM of hope, everything turned BLACK. The Queen once again morphed- this time into a CYCLONE. Isis tried to be STEALTH as long as she could, having no idea how to battle a tornado! Suddenly the Queen-thing lunged at her! Before she could react a magnificent CHESTNUT PEGASUS swooped in and flung Isis on its back. She was on CLOUD 9. Her heart was pounding & she was grateful for her winged hero. She held the horse in a strong EMBRACE as it flew for what seemed like hours. Isis eventually couldn’t fight the exhaustion any longer and let herself drift off, hoping that the Pegasus would keep her safe & from falling.

Isis woke up in her own comfy bed. Drenched in sweat, she wondered what had happened. It had seemed so real! Her body still ached from the MANIA, and she wondered how it could have all been a dream. She may never understand, but she knows she will never have ENVY for the adventurous life again!


(175 color names)

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