Sample Jars

Sample Jars!

When our new site launches we will no longer be selling sample bags. We will be selling sample jars.
Each jar of multipurpose minerals will contain .5 gram by volume and will be in a 3 gram jar with a clear lid and label on bottom.
Foundation samples will contain 2 grams by volume.
The price of samples will go from 1.00 each to 2.00 each.
We will continue to include a random sample in a bag with each order.
Did we mention that the new sample jars contain more product? You can compare below-
Full Size Jar(Left) New Sample Size(Middle) Current Sample Size(Right)


Jangsara said...

Oh so cool!
I'm definately gonna order some of your samples when you'll get them online!

LePooke said...

Thats awesome! Ill definitely check out the sample jars to test colors!

~Lisa said...

Awesome! That last colour showing the size difference looks gorgeous!!

starbucksmocha said...

Fantastic!!! I can't wait to order a massive amount of samples :D Thanks for the comparison photo, it is very helpful!

Rae said...

I'm SO excited to make my first order...I'm ordering all samples initially~ but I'm sure I'll be back for full sized jars!

Nea said...

That's a lot :D I might need a few too. LOL

Nea/ Fashioned in Finland