Winners of the Holiday Collection Naming Contest

We picked a few names out of the ones suggested. the ladies here in the office also named some of them.

Out of the ones we named our self we will still be giving out a jar of each one to a random person who suggested a name.

The winners are-

Sugar Daddy-BarrysDaughter

G Kelly- GlamousxG

Black and White- Sweepsspot

Casablanca Nights- Marshellecheree

Blacklisted- Lisa Moore Gee

Vamp- Rachel

Golden Age- Rachel

Sunset Blvd- Crystal

1939 - Thattweetthang

Bombshell- ivannawin

Hollywood Secrets- Twincere

Hitchcock- MissCaseyB

Gable- Brianswifey05

Tinseltown- Bittersweetphotog

Classy- Coastiewife321

We apologize it took so long to get these announced. Things have been very busy around here while we work on the new site.

Please email us your name, username, and shipping address to

admin (at) beautyfromtheearth.net

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~Lisa said...

Congratz to the winners! Those are great names the created! ^.^

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